fIRST off, sorry about the sound glitches. section 31 is trying to sabotage our podcast. thankfully ensign Mariah Carey was on duty and modulated the shield frequency on the fly.

hOW did this happen? the basements YouTube account is subscribed to, and only to Mariah Carrys music page. not that were complaining or anything, just suspicious.

Today we go over the season finally of STD, (Star Trek Discovery, no ointment needed).

were super late, and somehow we avoided spoilers this whole time but we give our options on the end of the first season of the show.

spoiler alert for a show that ended more than a month ago.

Nolo was not happy with the ending but O tries to convince its all we have.

Orions looked to weak and not pirate enough. (side note we can’t assume all Orions are the same)


Orions are giant monsters

and then the time line conspiracy begins.


Bonus video!


Live long and prosperĀ  \V/,

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