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wHATS up all. Were back in the basement and we officially got everything running on all cylinders, we got the Podcast on Itunes our videos up on Youtube and our social media up on FacebookTwitterInstagram and my personal favorite Reddit .

This week is another mix bag but we go into the gun topic again as its been in the news all month and how could we avoid it.

A conversation came up about an image online with person getting his head stomped on the ground. This image sparked the ever so in fashion gun debate.

why exactly do we have a 2nd amendment right in the first place? Is it just for hunting or are there other reasons why the founders thought the populous should be armed?




(Quick correction, on the 5m 45s mark Nolo Says “In America your in greater danger” he meant outside of America.)


school resource officer, Blaine Gaskill

Armed school resource officer stops school shoot potentially saving many more lives. But on the flip side an armed teacher giving a gun demonstration accidentally fires a shot into the ceiling of the school, and this teacher was a trained reserve police officer, so accidents can happen. so this debate isn’t so simple and I’m sure were going to visit this topic again in the near future.

There have been other ways that schools have been dealing with spike in gun violence. one of them that came up in the conversation was a school that added bullet proof shelters in the class room, primarily used for hurricanes but a secondary function is a panic room for the class. Another was a school that has a mass surveillance system and smoke cannons.

Even students are pitching in and figuring out ways to defend against a shooter, one student invented a special door jam to make in near impossible for anything to beak in the class when in place.

There is a video going around the interwebz that you all should check out. It has a good point, but what do you guys think of it?


We bring us an old report about a woman being attacked and stabbed in the middle of Queens, NY and no one called the cops because they thought someone else would. this phenomenon is called the bystander effect.  reminds me of the see something say something adds we see posted all around NYC.

check out our twitter pole on this topic. 


Does Piltdown man prove that evolution is just a hoax?

is it a fact or a theory? And if it is an un-provable  theory shouldn’t we teach other theories of how we came to be? what about panspermia?  Or maybe a God, Maybe many Gods? And if technology continues to progress, is it really outlandish to think that that some future humanity came back in time to seed the earth with life? or does that violate some time prime detective? Maybe a Causal loop problem? what do you guys think was the cause of life?



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