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Democratic Primaries

In November New York has an upcoming elections for governor. The democratic primaries just past and incumbent Andrew Cuomo won by a landslide. But this was expected,
New York is a heavy leftist state so come November Cuomo is almost guaranteed victory but he’s not the only one running and people should really consider other candidates for this position.
Other people running for governor of New York
Democratic……………………..Andrew Cuomo
Republican……………………Marcus Molinaro
Green Party……………………..Howie Hawkins
Libertarian…………………………….Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe

Now I’m going to get on my soap box now, I’m going to come out and say it but I’m rooting for an under dog in this election. I’m tired  of the democrats raising taxes and funding all kids of things that a clear waist of money, throwing money at an issue almost never works. I’m also tired of the republicans talk about shrinking government and never even attempting to do so. Not to mention all the scandals that both parties constantly have. I’m ready for a change and the one candidate that actually is talking real change, impactful change, change that would actually shake things up is Larry Sharpe.
Now I do consider myself a Libertarian so I’m a little bias, but don’t talk my word for it. I’m going to link to a few interviews he has done and you listen to his ideas your self and you tell me, have you ever head a candidate talk about or give actually solutions like he has?

Just Do It

Image result for Colin kaeperniCK add
A recent Nike add for their 30th anniversary came under fire as it featured former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. we all know that Colin was the first to take a knee during the national anthem, and its his right as an american to do so. Its also the NFLs right to fire him because of it and also any teams right to not hire him to play for there team. Its Nike’s right to have this add and to promote this agenda. It your right to support any of these or non of these. All the rights aside, there could have been better ways to do your protest. I don’t blame him as this was his only platform to do so. I support him in his ability to get the word out and i believe him as I’ve not only seen the police act out of hand but also been a victim of it. I don’t hate the police, i actually believe the police don’t get enough credit for all they do. There are bad cops, they need to be fired and some need to go to jail. But to say that police are racist because they arrest more Black and Latinos is not true. The problem the police have is that they protect their own. Just like you wouldn’t snitch on your boy and you a ride or die, the police feel the same way. We all are tribal people and we all have our tribe. The people within the tribe need to call them out. alienating the police is not going to help, befriending them will. And to all the police reading this, call out that bad apple other wise everyone is going to think all of you are the bad apples.
Image result for colin kaepernick family
The oppression is real.

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