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9/11 was a day that changed the world there is no doubt about it. Laws changed, policies changed, agencies changed, Jobs changed, schools changed, the way we travel changed, and more directly people changed. Our lives where changed, some of us are old enough to remember a world before 9/11. And I’m not just talking security checks and shorter wait times. I’m talking about when ever something of note happens around us our thought are not just “whats that?” our thoughts are “is that another attack”. An example, a few years ago I lived in Park Slope Brooklyn and it was just a regular night and i stated to hear expositions. I immediately thought this could be another attack, it was around 9 pm and I was already at home in my pjs. I got dressed and put the news on, I was waiting to see if it was an attack and where was it, it must be close by i can hear it from my window. I got on the phone and called a friend of mines that lives in the area to find out if he knew something I didn’t know. He picked up and was calm so I asked him if he heard the explosions. He told me it was fireworks in Prospect park. I laughed it off but it made me realize how much of an impact 9/11 had on my psyche. I don’t know what it is but since then I’ve always had bag with stuff ready to go if anything like that ever happens again.


This subject has been covered so much there’s not much else that can be said but we can give you accounts of people on that day. This episode is just a few conversations we had with some guest and friends about their experiences on that day. Some are serious some are us joking around but all are accounts of people that lived through it. This is history, we lived through it, these are our stories.





I put together some videos I found online, some raw footage and some interviews of other people that lived threw it. To those that may have lost someone or been within the area these videos may not be for you. Some of you may think this is insensitive, but the truth is, this is history.

Again, a warning these videos are graphic.



Live news feed from ABC 7 New York during attack


Real reactions from a collage dorm, you can hear the horror in their voice when they realize whats going on.


Some raw footage during attacks.

FAA audio


If you would like to tell us your story we would like to hear it.

Contact us at TheBasementNY@gmail.com


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