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Humans have the most stamina 



Male Moneys Prefer Boy Toys

Here we go again. Another proof that there are differences between males and females. This time we remove the social constructs all together. Monkeys don’t have a point of reference when it comes to boy toys or girl toys but so how the males choose boy toys and the girls choose girl toys. How do they even know that the toys are made for boys or girls? There has to be something built into there dna that felmale will choose the dolls and boys will choose the trucks.



Self Deference Ring


Image result for go guarded

This ring looks pretty cool but people don’t normally punch this way. I guess its better than nothing. Buy it here > https://goguarded.com/


Girl Pushed Off Bridge 

The girl that pushed her should definitely be charged with a crime, battery. She should all be liable to pay for any medical bills and also be sued for pain and suffering.

Couple Having Sex The Wrong Way

A young healthy couple where trying to conceive for a long time, dispute having sex regularly nothing was happening. The woman eventually went to the Drs to find out if anything was wrong. after speaking with the Dr she told him that sex was painful so the dr decided to have a look. eventually it came out that they have been having sex the wrong way for four years. the dr gave them a sex ed hand book and shortly after they got pregnant. In appreciation the couple gave the Dr a chicken and 100 eggs. True freaking story



Alex Jones Busted Watching Tranny Porn

As a man that talks a lot of crap about gays he sure does have interest in them. Alex Jones posted a video on his website while showing his phone, as he closed the web page all his other pages popped up for mere seconds. The crack reporters on reddit were on the case, not only did they find out what kind of porn he had open but they found the actual clip, bravo.


💖 News Anchor Crush 💖


As a kid I (Nolo) watched whatever news my grandmother put on, but on stood out. The reason it stood out was because there was a woman that captured my eye, she was smart and beautiful. As a kid I had a crush on a news reporter, yea I said it. Some people have crushes on singers or actors, me i had one on a news anchor. To this day my heart smiles when she comes on the news. So who is this lady?, I’m glad you asked. Her name is Dari Alexander on Fox 5 in New York. If your reading this Dari (or Ms Alexander if you like😘) Thank you for all your years of service and a personal thank you from me for turned a boy into a man


Nolo”s childhood news crush

Dari Alexander

Related image

Jose’s anchor crush

Kayla Mamelak

Image result for Kayla Mamelak



Mollie Tibbetts


We briefly spoke about here on a previous podcast but some new news came out, they found out shes been killed and they have the killer in custody. Now much else has been made public about it other than shes was killed by stabbing and that the killer is in the country illegally. You know where this is going. If you’ve been listening to the podcast you already know where I fall on this, I think laws should be followed and I believe we need borders to even be considered a county. People that want to come into our county can come in, in fact if they want to come in to engage in the market then I want them to come in, they just have to do it the right way. If there is a line then they have to wait just like everyone else. The fact that he came here illegally and then killed someone in the country is going to give the right wind enough ammo to fill in their banana clip for their fully automatic conspiracy theories. They are going to bring this up for years to come, its going to be on every political commercial for next voting season for sure. If the Left was smart they would acknowledge that problem at the border and Join in on helping the fix said problem, that way there part of whatever comity there is and they could have a better say in what happens down there, other wise its going to be all right wingers in there and there just going to build the ice wall from Game of thrones with the knights watch and all. I mean to be fair we do have a problem, take a look at this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeBfjVgGkCQ


Now I think there are better ways to secure the border with out the wall, like drones and the like but Jose mentioned we should shoot them with lasers or something, I don’t remember his exact words but here is a video down bellow about the laser he talks about. (side note: lasers should be spelled lazers. whoever works in the language department, your really dropping the ball.)


Lazers Shoot Mosquitos

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