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What Do Blind People See?


Blind People Can Still ‘See’ Facial Expressions



Omarosa Tapes

What ever is going on in the Trump administration, it does feel like that there is going to be an implosion very soon.



Alex Jones Purge



What happens when you have a different thought then the ones in power? You pay the price, you get purged.




Alex Jones is an interesting character. He is by far the number one conspiracy theories in the world. Now what i wanted to do was show some videos on some of the conspiracy theories that he got right. Unfortunately all  of his videos have been removed, videos that I have seen myself in the past are now gone from you tube. Now some of you may be ok with that but I see a slippery slope that has been set and now were are slipping down. Alex Jones is an extreme example but there are not stopping with him.  They are going to go for others. Its no secret that the “Media” is far left. when I say media I mean the big boys, majority of the news you hear, the shows you watch, the musicians you listen to, the lions share of media you take in is mostly far left. The “Left” just like the right have ideologies, if you go counter to their ideologies you will get attacked. Again the right is guilty of this just as much as the left is, but the media is consoled by the left. Alex Jones is labeled far right, so he is a target. Now that hes gone, theres going to be another target soon. how soon? Gavin McInnes and his whole crew was baned from twitter. keep watching because there is going to be more. when they ban Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro then you know they have gone to far.


Alex Jones is a regular dude, just watch this.

Alex Jones exposing the “elites”




That’s racist… I think.

“We have been sold this meme of Islamophobia where every critique of the doctrine of Islam gets conflated with bigotry toward Muslims as people and that’s just intellectually ridiculous.” – Sam Harris.

He literally said, a “critique of the doctrine” is confused with “bigotry toward Muslims”, whats Ben Afflecks response? That’s racist! They cant see past their own noses. And this si why I fear for our freedom, if this keeps up there’s going to be a day when parts of the bible are f=going to be outlawed.




Debate me then!

Ben calls Ocasio for a debate, because the people asked him too. He even offered her money for he campaign or he would donate money to any charity she chooses. I personally would pay pay-per view money to see this debate. Here she is on a pod cast that is soft balling her questions, but you listen to this and tell me how you think she did.


What was her response?

Image result for ocasio don't catcall me


Candace Owens copy and pasting

Image result for candace owens tweets racist

This is the New York times newest member, I call this racism. So Candace Owens just retweets her tweets and just replaces the race and she gets banned from twitter.


Image result for candace owens tweets racist

Image result for candace owens tweets racist

The bias against the people that lean right is insane and scary.




Politicon Show Down


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