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“I misspoke”


Skeerrrtttt, rewind! Bring it back, bring it, bring it, bring it back. Its hard to take words back, especially when its on video. But he still tried. Trump said he believes Putin when Putin said that he had nothing to do with it. Now does he really believe that or is he just trying to keep the peace? Not I’m sure you’ve already heard so much about what trump said but ill try to think about why, why would he say that? If he would have blamed Putin for the meddling in the elections to his face, while the whole world was watching, what do you thing would be the outcome? Do you think Putin would have just taken that on live TV? there is so much more involved, Putin could go to North Korea and side with them, fund ISIS. This dudes moral compass is almost non-existent, that could have easily been the start of WW3. Peace is good, but keeping the peace is hard. I think that the media painting him as some kind of trader is ridiculous because when Obama did similar things no one said anything, it was just a small blip on only the right wing media outlets. Whats that? You don’t believe me that Obama said similar things? He also told the Russians that after his second election he’d be more flexible.

(I may not agree with this video completely but he does to a good job in showing how the media bashes trump over comments on Russia but is silent when Obama says almost the exact same thing.)

Hot Mic

 So is the news bias? I don’t know you tell me.

wsj papers


But back to Trump, I think he said that in front of Putin just to get out of there in peace and is only redacting after because everyone gave him crap for it. I think that him taking it back and changing his words is going to be a problem later on with Russia but lets just wait and see. I suggest you watch the whole summit.

This is the full video of the summit in Helsinki, Finland.



This interview is hard to watch, she seems to only have a rudimentary understanding of what shes talking about. I’m a big fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but its clear that what she does know about her political ideals are shallow and lack depth, It feels like she just jumped on the democratic socialism band waggon because it was the new thing at the moment, my suggestion is that she revisit her positions and ask her self why does she believe in them and what are the counter arguments to them.

Politifact wote a good piece on this: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/jul/18/alexandria-ocasio-cortez/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-wrong-several-counts-abou/





Racism strikes again, this time to a Puerto Rican but not just from the aggressor but also from the cop? Mia Irizarry rented a picnic area in a park on June 14th 2018, her birthday btw. Then an older white man approaches her and starts harassing her about her shirt, a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag on it. She did what she should have done and that’s pull out her cell phone and starts recording. Now a cop is there the whole time, the cop didn’t do anything to help her, even tho shes asking for help, directly to the cop. Officer Patrick Connor, just stands there, doing nothing to help this woman while shes being harassed. later on her brother shows up and then the cop decides now the time to do something. It smells of racism all around. The cop lost his job and the old man, Timothy Trybus was charged with two felony hate crimes.


Bonus video

All the dialog in this video was taken from an actual court transcript.

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