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wITH all the crazy things going on in this world, we have a lot to talk about. Between Congress woman calling for harassment, strong hand shakes and socialist, we talk about it all.

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when people find out you agree with something Trump does.



Is there a bias?

 You tell me. If a man pulls a knife out on a woman and forces her to have sex with him, what would you call that? now if a woman pulls a knife out on a man and forces him to have sex with her what would you call that? I would call both those scenarios rape. But what would the news call it?

Here are some other articles about this story:

All these news outlets reported on the crime and not one of them called it rape, its so bad that the actual prosecutors haven’t charged her with rape.


Does the government suck at managing money?



Image result for inside a post office
This is how the post office sends out your mail
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this is how UPS does it

The answer is yes, yes it does.


Socialist wins in New York Alexandria Ocasio!


History is being made right before our eyes. Alexandria Ocasio is a 28 year old, woman, Latina (boriqua), and a socialist! (and shes cute). And shes getting shade from both the right and the left. regardless of how you feel about socialism, this is history in the making and people should pay attention to this because her winning is the voice in the people saying that they are not happy with the status quo.

Do you like her? Not sure? Learn more about her platform here.

Image result for alexandria ocasio bartending
alexandria ocasio bartending

Lets take a second and look at this photo Alexandria Ocasio who won the democratic primary and is going to possibly be our new Congress woman, one day shes a bartender and the next shes on the road to help run this country. This is what makes this county great. you can come from the bottom and work hard and make your way up to be a leader in it. Maybe one day she will be our first female president, anything is possible here.



When is Bigotry OK?

Is calling for the harassment of a people because of their beliefs ok? lets go over some examples.

Can we harass Muslim because we don’t agree with their beliefs?

Can we harass immigrants because we don’t agree with their beliefs?

Can we harass gays because we don’t agree with their beliefs?

Can we harass Christians because we don’t agree with their beliefs?

Can we harass Republicans because we don’t agree with their beliefs?

if you said yes to any of these congratulations you are a bigot.

And this is exactly what congress woman Maxine Waters is being accused.


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This hand shake is called the “get over here”


Travel Ban

The travel ban is officially law now, it took a long time but we all knew it would eventually happen. (Travel ban time line)

It was a 5-4 vote in the supreme court. Basically what it comes down too is the President has the legal authority to ban or allow anyone from anywhere into the county. Now most of us already knew this but people where fighting because if wasn’t fair or because they viewed it as a racist tactic to ban Muslims from the county, in fact the President himself called it a Muslim ban.

The original 7 countries where singled out by an Obama area policy first identified in the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. But in this new ban some countries have found there way off the list by complying with the American government on vetting travelers. The ban applies to people from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. It also placed limits on people from North Korea and Venezuela.


A great podcast from NPR  on supreme court cases and thier impact: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/481105292/more-perfect


Welcome to America

A Times cover has shown a little girl crying in front of President Trump, titled “welcome to America”

Dope cover btw but mostly a lie.

I’m going to Link to a Daily Wire article about it because its written way better then anything I could muster together but the short of it is, the mother left to america for work and falsely claimed asylum (asylum is for people being threatened in their home county and come to america for safety, see top of page for more examples of people being harassed in their own county) and she left her other 3 kids behind and was using her youngest and a insurance plan to be let in to america. looking for work is not a legit reason to violate a counties borders.

This cover is basically propaganda, they are trying to make people believe things that are not true so those same people can join them in their political war. This is america.



Bonus Video





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