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Welcome back basement dwellers. This is a special episode of the basement, we have a special guest on the show, Steven Sanabria. Someone that every time I’m in the room with we have conversations for hours at a time and this is no exception, and today’s topic is, Puerto Rico. I have to say this is one of the most interesting conversations we had on the podcast.


This topic is important to Puertoricans, Boriquas and Nuyoricans alike, if you identify as any of these then this is a discussion you should definitely give this episode a listen. We go over some of Puerto Rico’s history and how it came to be a common wealth of and citizens of the United States.

Related imageAlot of this history that we talk about comes from a book called “The War Against All Puerto Ricans” by Nelson A.Denis. All of us on the show are Puerto Ricans from New York so we also go over alot of topics relating to New York and mostly Brooklyn.

The main topic of discussion is whether Puerto Rico should remain a commonwealth, gain statehood and become the 51’s state of the United States or separate all together and become an independent nation. An advocate of independence was Pedro Albizu Campos, he was posthumously labeled The Puerto Rican Malcolm X by some because of his tactics and ideas on how he felt he had to win Puerto Rico’s independence. He would team up with people like Che Guevara, known as another freedom fighter of the Caribbean, to work together to unite the Caribbean. Albizu was labeled a Patriot, a fascist, a freedom fighter, a criminal, a saint, a solider and a teacher but one thing about him we can all agree on is that Puerto Rico has never had another lead like Pedro Albizu Campos.

After hurricane Maria Puerto Rico has been in shambles and a recent report came out that the original number of people killed was incredibly wrong, the number is now estimated to be 5000 dead, The economy is even worst. We go over ways to improve the country. We all Agree Puerto Rico is better off becoming an independent county. But it needs to change some things. Legalizing marijuana, becoming the crypto currency capital of the world, solar panels, tourism industry and a capitalistic collage school system. What do you guys think can be done to save this small island in the Caribbean?


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