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Cousin Eddie is back in the building to discus Infinity War, great movie by the way. we all agree, its a must watch. Or at least we were supposed to talk about it but we talked about so much more.

I’d vote for 28 days later over twilight any day.

Like the link between Republican Presidents and zombie movies and Democrat presidents and vampire movies.

Now this isn’t just some conspiracy theory, I found a graph on the internet so you know it has to be true.

We Also talk about a comic book called “Letter 44” its about the incoming president receiving a letter for the previous president about why he made the decisions he made and why. really good read, here is a link to a free download of the 1st issue on amazon.







Even tho this is a discussion about infinity war we talk about suicide squad and I had to put in the trailer because its hands down one of the best trailers ever made.

Oh man, Tom Hanks son comes up, hes a rapper by the way. check him out.

Superman destroys the city but who fixes it? Marvel actually has a whole comic about it, its called Damage control.

And then again, it seems like every week we get into the topic of the N-word.

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