ePS – 021- bLACKISH?

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oN this episode of tHE bASEMENt we have a long deep interesting conversation with a special guest about race. Our special guest in the studio is David Jimenez. Our topic of discussion stems from a documentary on Netflix called The Rachel Divide (You should watch it).


What does it mean to be black? What does it mean to be white? Is it the color of your skin or is it your life experience? “The struggle”, Is being black the struggle? And don’t people from other races also have a struggle of some sort? Maybe its the combination of the two, and if it is, what about black people that where bought up with money and influence, can they claim the struggle as well? Are they Black enough?

Rachel Dolezal (or as shes known now, Nkechi Amare Diallo. Really, she changed her name) obviously isn’t black but has made every effort to be as black as she could be or better said every effort to emulate what in her mind is being black. Whether we like it or not she has help the black community in every way she could and if you watch the documentary (you totally should) you would know that. If she didn’t actually claim to be black I think she would still be doing so. The fact that she got called out is justified, but in saying that she has been dealing with being attacked by both sides, blacks and whites for years. She is being treated in the same way the people she spent her life fighting for has been in generations past. But is shes asking for it? By claiming to being black and not apologizing or repenting of it, she is in essence, fueling the fires of her own hell?

This was a long and interesting conversation and we covered a lot of ground. some of the topics included: Cultural appropriation, being biracial, black culture vs hood culture, Kanye West And again the n-word. I hope that you join us in the conversation, reach us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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