ePS – 020- mARVEL vs dC

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tHE age old question that all comic book fans have, who is better? Marvel or DC? People have been debating this topic since Cain killed Abel because Abel was a die hard marvel fan and swore that The  Hulk could beat Superman in a hand to hand fight.

This episode we chop it up with Cousin Eddie and dive into the topic of the week. join us and tell us what you think about the subject.

Related imageAre Marvel movies better that Dc movies? Most people would tell you yes, but what if Heath Ledger would have been alive and made more movies? could he have brought the Dc movie universe to the next level? Is it possible that Heath Ledgers Joker could have bought the Dc universe to the Renaissance that marvel is in?


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Bonus Content!

Marvel and DC comics actually came together and formed a comic book company together. That’s right, they had a baby. they named it, Amalgam comics!

Here goes a list of their characters: http://www.marvunapp.com/list/amalgamd.htm


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