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tHE internet had a heart attack today. They have been eating Kanye burgers for years and lovin it, but it caught up today. The realness sauce that was dripping off that burger has officially came back and bit them in the ass. Kanye is known for saying some insane and outlandish things in the past, my favorite was after hurricane Katrina Mr. West said, and I quote “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. I remember hearing this when I was younger and I already thought he was a good artist but it wasn’t until this moment when the world knew, Kanye West is going to make an impact on the culture. And an impact on the culture he did. His first impact was as a producer and artist, he produced songs on Camron’s albums and Jay-Z, in fact he helped produced one of Hip-Hops most iconic album, Jay-Z The Blueprint (released September 11th 2001, i’m on to you Illuminati). And then when he dropped his first solo album College dropout. 


Notice how the sneaker game has changed after the Yeezy’s droped?

His second impact on the culture was when he stepped into fashion. he style changed a generation of youth and his sneakers had a major impact on the shoe industry as a whole.

Whether you like his clothing brand or not, his fashion changed the way people dress. And in my humble opinion it was the best thing that happened to hip-hop fashion.

He has a raw in your face personality and people love him for that, or at least we thought people did, at least until he said something the masses didn’t like, he took the red pill. He came out and told the world that “I love the way Candace Owens thinks” this was enough to set the world on red alert. To add fuel to the fire Chance the rapper chimed in and told the world that “black people don’t have to be democrats”.

The response to this was for everyone to call Kanye crazy, Dave Chappelle has something to say about that.

Dave Rubin also had a moment like this, and lucky for us it was caught on video.

So the question is are you woke or asleep?

Or are you too woke?

Some of y’all are so woke your sleepy and need a nap.

where you at? what do you think of Kanye?



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