ePS – 016- bEST tREK


mESSAGE coming in from star fleet. Signal degradation captain, we have audio only.

Today we talk about a subject near and dear to our hearts, our top Star Trek episodes. In no particular order we run down our faves.

Nolo’s pick for Enterprise is episode 4 X 15-16  Affliction/ Divergence
This episode explains how the ridges on the Klingon forehead are present in the past then suddenly disappear then came back in the future.
The stash tho
business in the front, party in the back
O’s pick for enterprise is episode 2 X 4 Dead Stop
Enterprise comes across a ship repair dock just floating in space.
Nolo’s pick for The Next generation is episode 5 X 25 Inner Light
The captain of the ship lives a whole life time in a matter of minutes
I like to play my flute with other peoples hands


O’s pick for The Next generation is episode 1 X 4 Chain of Command Part 1 and 2

There are 4 lights!
The 5th one blew out


Nolo’s pick for Voyager is episode 4 X 23 Living Witness
they put the Dr on trial for war crimes 700 years after the alleged crime.
Image result for voyager living witness
Had it before Tyson
O’s pick for Voyager is episode 4 X 7 Scientific Method
Aliens run experiments on the crew
Related image
Scans indicate, you have sticks in your head.
Nolo’s and O’s pick for Deep Space 9 is episode 6 X 19 Pale Moon Light
Captian Sisko breaks all the rules
Related image
Its a faaaaaake!
Nolo’s pick for Discovery is episode 1 X 7 Magic to make the sanest man go mad
the only star trek of the star trek on discovery
Image result for discovery magic to make the sanest man go mad
You sniched on me to my wife tho

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