ePS – 015- tRUE LIES?

wHATS propaganda?

Popaganda is basically the act of a some entity, mostly governments but some times private businesses putting out some form of communication whether it be an image, video or speech to try and change someones mind on a subject. An example of this is the way lets say a soda company like Coka Colla.

I bet they do

They try and convince you that their smooth and crisp beverage has the perfect amount of fizz and flavor to quench your thirst in a way no other so called beverage company can. Just one taste of a sweet and refreshing can of Coke (caned in the north pole by polar bears) and you will wonder how you lived this long without it… also they used to put cocaine in the soda, yum.

Well, adds are a form of propaganda but not the type of propaganda were talking about. The type were talking about is agenda based propaganda. We see this so much were numb to it, but we know its there. I’ll show you, Fox News. When you hear that you automatically think about the agenda they have. CNN this is another one, they have clear lines where they stand and we all know it. And the news they report on their stations lean to their side and if you don’t notice it, it’s because it leans in the direction you lean.

A video has been making its way around the interwebs and it has its people crying out propaganda. Its not really one video, its a lot, but they all have the same word for word script, only changing when giving specifics on their own stations. let me give you a few examples.

and then a montage

Ok sounds crazy. Like it definitely sounds like someone is trying to push an agenda, and I’m sure they are but really what did they say?

News stations push a bias agenda, true. But also they said if they lean to far in any direction or if they report anything wrong to basically call them out and email them. It doesn’t sound bad to me. And its not like this is the first time news agency’s have done this… more examples you as for, you shall have.

there are a bunch of examples of this online, most of which make people go down a deep conspiracy theory rabbit hole, just like the one the people all over the place have been going down lately.

So where do you get your news from? Do you have a bias your aware of? did the propaganda monster get you?


We close out with the shooting of another unarmed black man in New York. 

And the pressure of the possibility of getting shoot puts a cop into a nervous break down.

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