ePS – 014- sINS oF tHE bUTLER


wELCOME back basement dwellers,

This week we open up with the news about the shooter in YouTube headquarters. some president talk but we get into the topic of illegal aliens.

What do we do with the kids that are where brought over the border by their parents illegal. Should we provide a road to citizenship? Or do we make children pay for the sins of the parents?

Mr.cuddles is a good boy, yes he is.

let start from a place I think we could all agree on, people that come here illegally and commit crimes should not be welcome here. its like someone breaking into your house and making a mess, like 1st of all buddy your not even supposed to be here and now your pissing in my hydrangeas, na you got to go.

Now for the people that were brought here as babies and only knew life in the states. Again the person broke into your house, but they are mad chill. No pissing in the flower pot no load music, just chilling. But there eating your food and using your bathroom plus they sleeping on the sofa. Originally you only budgeted and bough food for you and your cat Mr.cuddles. But now someone else is eating your fruit cups and drinking your Capri Suns. who’s going to pay for this? I only get paid minimum wage from my job at blockbuster and business doesn’t look so good.

Ok fine, lets make an arrangement, ill let you stay here but your going to have to go halfsies on this order from papa johns and maybe go to school so eventually you could move out and get your own leaky studio basement apartment with crazy neighbors that don’t mind their damn business. Yea, I’m talking about you Nancy, stay out of my business!

Whenever I see DACA recipients on TV they always seem to have their life together better than most Americans I know, so making it so they have to either have a job or be in school shouldn’t be a problem seeing as they would do it either way, so it would almost be free pass to citizenship by just acting like a normal american, no dabbing tho, anyone caught dabbing should be exiled immediately.

I will travel back in time and become the Governator. But first ill become Mr.Freeze

Either way the decision for them to cross over into america was not theirs. Someone did it for them and now they have to deal with the repercussions. But should they? Should we make them pay for a crime that someone else did? Do we make children pay for the sins of the parents? It doesn’t sound right, and I’m with you on this. But if we take that same thought process and apply it to another subject that is also touchy like abortion and we say the child should’t pay for the sins of the parent, then now most people don’t care about the kids. So do we come together as a society and figure out a way to care for them or not? Or is that issue on the other side so because its on the other side and I’m not, then I have to be against it. We need to learn how to stop picking sides and learn how to sit down and talk about hard issues with people we might not agree with in a way that we come together to make solutions that affect us all. Like trying to figure out a way to get Nancy to mind her own damn business.

Another instance of making the children pay for the sins of the parents is in south Africa. Where the government thought that the white people that own land, that was passes down to them by their ancestors (that stole it from the natives in all fairness) should have to give up their land, to the native population. The people that own the land now had nothing to do with the circumstance in which they got the land in the first place but none the less they have to give up the only place they knew as home to the government.

Now somehow we get into the conversation about taxes, which neither one of us are anywhere near experts on. But a crazy idea pops up, what about instead of taxing rich people more we make it a law

I get paid extra to dance while I cook

that they have to provide a job. So that another person can be employed. You have to hire a butler or a concierge. someone to help you in your life. Whether that be someone to babysit your kids while you

work, or some kind of chief or maybe someone to organize your massive comic book collection, because if you where rich what else would you buy? sounds crazy because it is and it don’t make any sense but this is the basement, most things don’t make any sense around here…. damn it Nancy, get out of my yard!








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