hELLO world!

hERE we go! This is our first blog post and we’re super excited to get started and give our thoughts and ideas to the world. Our  podcast is up and we have our conversations up on Youtube.

tHERE’S nothing special about us really, we’re just two average Puerto Ricans from New York but we have opinions on many issues, some times we’re right but most of the time were wrong but either way we’re going to speak about it.

bOTH of us are sci-fi fans but especially Star Trek, we love the ideas and tech that Star Trek shows and describes. We are also both Christians, bible believing Christians and I’m sure if you listen in on our conversations your going to hear something about it.

wE’RE not scared of diving into any subject from racism to guns to religion to sex and the list goes on. were definitely open to conversation from pretty much everyone, we believe everyone has right to an opinion and we would like to hear yours.


wE hope you guys give us a listen and enjoy our content.


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