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welcome to the basement!

I’m guessing your here because you want to be here and not just randomly came here looking for New York basements. By the way New York basements are not an ideal place to go to, may I suggest a first floor or maybe if you want to be fancy possibly a second floor. But whatever you do, if you are in New York area and you happen to come across a bunch of buildings that all look the same and have more than 10 floors, immediately turn around and walk away. Those are projects. Other signs that your by a project is a Chinese restaurant with bullet proof glass. You will also find a bodega with mostly expired food but an abundance of fresh cigars, wrapping papers (not the Christmas kind) and a wide variety of beers. (but if you do happen across a bodega in this neighborhood, papito in the back makes a dope cheese steak sandwich, get that and a Arizona ice tea. trust me) Speaking of booze, there is also going to be a liquor store fully stocked with such fine wines as, Hennessy, Ciroc, Patron and everyone’s favorite Absolute. All liquor stores come with the standard revolving windows of course.

Regardless of why your here we welcome you.

Sorry about the rant but this is what your going to run into at the basement.